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E1 - Reset Page x of y for multiple documents

A client in Singapore was having an issue when the Logistics team was printing out multiple documents of Purchase Order (PO) on a single submission of report job.

When the first PO has 2 pages, it shows Page 1 of 2, Page 2 of 2.

But when the second PO has 3 pages, it shows Page 1 of 2, Page 2 of 2, Page 3 or 2.

The 'y' did not reset accordingly.

In order to resolve this, a new business function (BSFN) was created based on a copy of the standard B9800580 - Set Report Page Number.

By swapping the use of the standard JDE reset function in the BSFN to !ubeReport_SetPageNumberEx, the matter is now closed.

Contact us if you need more information / help on this. We would be glad to help.

-- Dren Consulting - AG --

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